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The images:

KMorral's photography tends to focus on plants, landscapes and buildings, mainly taken with a Canon Powershot 650 - although in the near future this much loved but ageing piece of equipment shall be retired and a new replacement found.

Minimal post-production work is applied to the photographs unless stated.

The Muses:

Since November 2015, house rabbits have become an increasingly important part of KMorral's life and inspiration. 

Smudge, a dominant female black house bunny with a quick curiosity, strong confidence and love of food. Bart a  shy male white rabbit who is growing to share Smudge's confidence, although easy to startle and cautious in new environments. Teddy, sadly only with KMorral for 11 months from 2017-18, a gentle male semi-lop eared rabbit shared Smudge's curiosity and love of attention.

Framed cushion4    Pretty Portrait2      Hello I phone2

Looking beyond the watchful eyes and twitching ears of the bunnies, KMorral finds inspiration in views ranging from sweeping panoramic landscapes to the intricate details.

  Maligne view2  funghi note2  beachhutstote


KMorral is delighted to confirm that her image 'Stormy Night' is now available as a book cover for the East Anglian Festival of Culture's Anthology 'Night time' raising funds for Alzheimers Research Uk. This is available through Amazon and local stores in Lowestoft. 

IMG 4459

KMorral's images are available through Redbubble on a range of items - please do have a browse through the shop (not all images are available in all formats) - rabbit gifts for bunny lovers as well as musical, fantastical, landscape, (including floral, water features) and still life images.

Available products include stickers, cards, photographic prints, t-shirts, bags, phone cases, laptop cases, mugs, notebooks, throw cushions, clocks and scarves.

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