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Looking up cushion

NottinghamCouncilHousePhone  WhiteandGoldCase

Summer allium artboard


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KMorral's images are available through Redbubble on a range of items - please do have a browse through the shop (not all images are available in all formats) - rabbit gifts for bunny lovers as well as musical, fantastical, landscape, (including floral, water features) and still life images.

Available products include stickers, cards, photographic prints, t-shirts, bags, phone cases, laptop cases, mugs, notebooks, throw cushions, clocks and scarves. 

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Manchester lightsWeekly features:

10 February 2020


work 30239434 default w scarf

Bunny hearts


work 26157357 primary u block acrylic

Everybunny needs somebunny to love


work 25057013 default u case iphone

Single red rose


work 25055825 default u pillow throw


Be my Valentine

work 25055771 default u card post

Hoppy Valentines Day


work 3277268 supplementary u print art 

Floral display.


Images Elsewhere: 

KMorral is proud that her image 'Stormy Night' forms the book cover for the East Anglian Festival of Culture's (2017) Anthology 'Night time' raising funds for Alzheimers Research Uk. Available through Amazon and local stores in Lowestoft. 


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