Having now recovered, and re-gained use of her right hand (ok, slight exaggeration, but there really is no excuse for the delay in posting without it!), KMorral is delighted to confirm that NaNoWriMo has successfully been completed, with 50,000 words added to the second part of 'The House' series. Check out the Fiction page for more details.

25th October 2020

Mixed news this week which is explored in much greater detail than there is space for in this news page in KMorral's Redbubble Journal. Smudge, KMorral muse, house Queen and general fuss bunny passed away on the 19th of October. She hopped over the rainbow bridge to join Teddy enjoying all the apples and bananas they could want. 

At the same time, 'Anniversary on the Canal'  was played TWICE on BBC Radio Suffolk, firstly just after 7.30pm on Monday 19th as part of the evenings show and then again approximately 9.15pm on Wednesday 21st October. Check out my voice, with emotive BBC backing music either on BBC Sounds, or following this link to the BBC Radio Suffolk schedule page.

13th October 2020

 KMorral is delighted to announce that 'Anniversary on the Canal' from her anthology #WorldsApart is going to be read on BBC Radio Suffolk on Wednesday 21st of October after 9pm as part of the BBC Upload programme celebrating local creative residents!

This is after a week long debate and recording period deciding which story or excerpt to submit, and being reminded how unseen she is on the sound of her own voice, as the BBC welcome the voice of the writer for all submissions. Having submitted both the audio file and a text file over the weekend, KMorral now waits with baited breathe for next Wednesday to find out which one is going to be played. 

Join us next week in listening to this tale, perfect for pre-halloween preparations.

View of an Eerie Canal, low perspective of canal boat and crystal clear reflecti

10th February 2020

Sadly, last months submission of the short story ending to my current WIP novel was unsuccessful... but this means that it is now available for other magazine or anthology publishers to consider! Watch this space for where it can be read (fingers crossed).

11th January 2020.

KMorral is hopeful for further publication having submitted a fantasy short story to be considered for Dancing Bear Books second Anthology 'Women' which is being put together at the moment. Fingers crossed! More news when received. 

1st December 2019

After joining the East Coast Sinfonia to play at the Omit Centre  Christmas fair and developing a glorious case of festive feeling, Morral is delighted to announce she will be attending the EastCoast Hospice Christmas Craft market in Carlton Coalville next Sunday, 8th December 2019. 

Christmas market 2019 poster WORD no stallholders 1

17 November 2019

A great offer for discounted Redbubble products is now available until the 1st August 2020 - full details through the Fiction Page.

06 October 2019

Yesterday saw me attending my third Laxfield Craft and flea market promoting my cards and Worlds Apart.

Sadly this month wasn't as successful as my previous two visits, but not totally without result. From both my autumnal visits (September and October) I have taken several strong lessons: 1) I need a bigger table - however lovely the table my grandad made and my nana's book case, they are a little on the tiny. 2) When next to the current and opposite a former landlady of a popular local pub, people talk to them and not to you. 3) children are magnetically attached to conkers and pumpkins. This I have taken especially from yesterday's visits when, as the pictures below will show, I incorporated an autumnal and vaguely halloween decoration for my little stand - in keeping with the season and the thriller nature (and halloween focused opening story) within my anthology. 

halloween laxfieldmarket1

10 March 2019

Over a month after the Laxfield Produce, Craft and Flea market and the memories are still pleasant and warm. with moderate success, lovely entertainment and good conversation with fellow author. A magnificent setting in the church with part of the costs of the stalls contributing to the church upkeep, and the need to provide my own table requiring a touch of 'thinking outside of the box'.

IMG 7401

27 January 2019

Preparations are in hand for the first craft fair of the year at Laxfield Produce, Craft and Flea Market, Suffolk, next Sunday. Further promotion for Worlds Apart Anthology as well as a collection of cards including a Valentines collection staring Smudge and Bart.

First of January 2019.

New year is a new start, and plans are in place to develop at least one 3rd draft into a 4th draft novel, and completing at least one 1st draft... but plans are already in question following a New Years walk. This is all explored in my first journal/ blog post of the year - something I intend to do at least four times a year. Visit either my Redbubble Journal or Goodreads Blog spot for full details. 

24 November 2018

Second craft fair this morning, a Christmas market this time. Perhaps not the most logical place for a Spooky, Halloween thriller anthology, but perfect for a collection of wintry 'Christmas' cards. 

rsz img 7098

rsz img 7097

rsz img 7096

rsz img 7095

1 November 2018

National Novel Writing Week @NaNoWriMo has started again, and this year KMorral is taking the opportunity to draft the second part in the possible 'The House' (working title) series. 

28 October 2018.

New friends and contacts made this weekend at Wenhaston Craft, Gift and Produce market on Saturday morning (27th October) as Worlds Apart made it's halloween marketing debut. Although a steady trickle of people that disappointed other stall holders, two sales, several leaflets distributed, three positive conversations and a new author friend motivating KMorral into this years NaNoWriMo can only be considered good :-) 

rsz img 7009rsz img 7007rsz img 7006rsz img 7004

1 October 2018.

As part of a marketing push, KMorral has an early bird booking on two craft fairs for September and October 2019 and just waiting on confirmation for October this year. Watch this space for more details

15 September 2018

'Followed' a 500 word FlashFiction short story initially submitted to the Noirwich Crime literary festival is now available to read in full in KMorral's Redbubble writing portfolio for a short period. In early 2019 this will then become available on the Suffolk Library  Local Writers system. 

In preparation for Halloween, 'Worlds Apart' has been reduced to the bargain price of £5.00. Get your copy while you can.

30 August 2018

Last week (21 - 28th August) was not the best week of 2018.

Teddy, with only having been part of the Morral team for 11 months sadly crossed the rainbow bridge, to a world without pain. This evening has been a time of remembering with new Redbubble Uploads and features. 

It was confirmed that KMorral's entry to the NOIRWhich Flash Fiction had not been short-listed. This will soon be made available - more info to follow

16 August 2018

The year is vanishing rapidly, with embarrassingly little progress on editing 'The House' (working title) and too much progress increasing a 'books I have read list'. This is recently picking up, with scribbles on a page now being transferred to the computer, and a parallel guide book to Whatten Hall being developed as understanding grows.

13th August saw the submission of an exactly 500 word Flash Fiction piece for the NOIRwich crime writing festival (based in Norwich) competition. A challenge that Morral complicated my missing the rules that allowed a 50 word overspill. Morral used this opportunity to explore the second person narrative where-by 'you' become the principle narrator. The results of this trial will be uploaded when available.


21 January 2018

Editing a work in progress, first of a trilogy, started this week with a pre-edit read through, and analysis of the pace. Required extensions identified, points of clarification and examples of inconsistencies have been identified. Next weeks read through will focus on identifying and correcting tense, and from there more detailed insert and correction will take place. 'The House' (working title) will take form for a third draft. An inspirational Pinboard has been created on Pinterest for setting - check it out here.

27 November 2017

An enjoyable morning was spent displaying Worlds Apart and Greatest Anthology Written to the public, even if no sales were made. Marketing experience is always valuable, and more bookmarks, postcards and business cards are ready for distribution. 

IMG 4728 IMG 4726 


KMorral is looking forward to taking 'Worlds Apart: Short Story Collection' out to the public in Beccles for a Table Top Sale on the 18th of November. First Author outing - only one year into its publication! but what a year it has been. Follow KMorral's Journal/ blog to find out why.

14 October 2017

CEA Greatest Anthology Written is launched! Order yours here: CEA Publications: Greatest Anthology Written

2 October 2017

Halloween offer of £5.00 per paperback copy of World's Apart: short Story Anthology announced. 

17 September 2017

Final confirmation is in: CEA Greatest Anthology Written contains 107 stories, by 107 authors. The collection contains: 473080 words, 599 pages. 

 CEA book cover5

10 September 2017

Today KMorral visited the East Anglian Festival of Culture to receive her certificate and winning copy of the anthology published to raise funds for Alzheimers Research UK. 

'Night time' : Stormy Night

The event was a fascinating chance, albeit only briefly attended due to time limitations, to talk to authors and explore the range of books written in the locality, hear readings from the winning contributors to the anthology and listen to a motivational speech from one of the other attendees. 

29 August 2017

KMorral was once again interviewed by Jill Bowyer of Salford city Radio's 'Drive with Kaleidoscope' talking about KMorral's involvement in the World Record Anthology and the overall process of achieving a literary world record. 

Listen again here, with the interview taking place approximately 15 minutes in.

23 - 24 August 2017

World's Apart is currently attending the Beijing book fair. fingers crossed for increased interest.

22 August 2017 - World Record Anthology.

CEA Cover3

Over the last few weeks KMorral has been editing a short story for submission into a Guiness World Record Attempt anthology. The record is targeting the most number of authors in one anthology - currently set at 50. Our organiser is targeting 100, with 112 interested authors from all over the world and 55 currently submitted, we ar eloping positive. to achieve the record, alongside technicalities, we need to sell 1000 copies (some of which can be e-books). 

The anthology -'Greatest Anthology ever written' can be pre-ordered, and full details, found through Celenic Earth Publications website.

6 August 2017 - Competition Win!

So it turns out, that being left alone for two weeks at work, getting a stinking cold and having a birthday with parental visits has a greater impact on website updates than anticipated. 

As of the 8th of July, the cover of the East Anglia Festival of culture anthology will be one of the images submitted by KMorral Fiction Photography. 

25 June 2017

Two new images just submitted for the East Anglia Festival of Culture photography competition: the winning image to be the cover over a new Anthology of local authors short stories. All in support of Alzheimers Research UK. Fingers crossed :-) but a good cause to support anyway.

01 June 2017

This week World's Apart attended BookExpo USA in New York.

12 March 2017

This week Worlds Apart will be attending the London Book Fair (14 - 16 March), sharing the AuthorHouse [printing company] table with other recent publications. This is the first chance for the wider professional literary world to see what it and KMorral has to offer. Wish us luck!

07 February 2017

KMorral gives her first live (telephone) interview tonight on Salford City Radios Kaleidoscope hour (5-6pm), with Jill Bowyer. Listen online here as KMorral discusses the stories behind the stories and the experience of writing.

29 January 2017

Had a busy day playing with photographs… the first of the valentines collection is now available through KMorral's Redbubble shop… lots of inspiration still simmering and more works in the system.

And … after a months delay, the first monthly features have found their way to the Photography Page. Check them  out here

20 January 2017

So… KMorral's first ever full interview is now live, thanks to blogger and author Jesse Teller! You can find it online as part of his Friday Interviews series visit  jesseteller.com

The questions were distributed and answered in November and KMorral is looking forward to the next step - a live telephone interview for Salford City radio on the 7th of February 2016 (between 5 and 5.30pm).


KMorral is delighted to confirm that Worlds Apart is now online through the reading and reviewing website GoodReads. An author account has been set up , where you will be able to communicate directly with KMorral, you will find some of her many interests in reading and will be able to share your review of Worlds Apart with the world. Visit KMorral's profile.



WORLDS APART Out Now... Visit my Fiction page for full details.

Worlds Apart cover low res draft 

This collection of 6 short stories offer the readers a tantalising glimpse into the lives of the very different characters. An insight into their daily existence, or an exploration of a thrilling episode which has the potential to prove deadly. 



The annual Christmas poetry feature is now up in Fiction, KMorral's adaptation of Clement Clarke Moore's classic 'A visit from St Nicholas' (aka The night before Christmas).


As usual, an additional Fiction feature has been posted in honour of remembrance Sunday - which this year will be so very different - and for the entire month of November as we have much to remember.


Sadly, the features for the foreseeable future celebrate my muse Smudge who sadly passed away this week.


As we're in full summer glory, and I've been getting my garden in order to attract more insects - with a nice, range of flowers - and veg and flowers for the kitchen table this fortnight has a floral  feature.


To avoid further delays, the features have been converted to a fortnightly system, rather than weekly for the foreseeable future, and this week for fathers day and #WorldMusicDay the features are made up of a collection of musical instrument details.


For the first photography features in a while we’re celebrating #GreatOutdoorsMonth, with a glorious collection of sweeping vistas.


Hoppy Easter features this week celebrating my easter bunnies


Sentimental features this week celebrating love, romance and valentines - with a collection of gifts for bunny lovers.


This fortnights features are in celebration of #WorldWetlandsDay with rivers, Marshland and moorland brooks.


The first features of 2020 celebrate the start of the UK cold snap and the wintery weather.

(Date missing)

The second of this years Christmas features celebrate the bunnies I'm full festive mode.


This weeks features start the promotion of my Christmas and Winter collection, now live and festive, after a weekend of Christmas craft.


This weeks features are all about getting out into nature with #TakeAHikeDay 


This weeks features celebrate the fact that after a long period of uncertainty, weight loss and illness, Smudge has been diagnosed, returned to normal and is feeling much better with a dedicated series of Pawtraits.


This weeks features celebrate the face that autumn has well and truly arrived in the UK in the last week (calendar period not-withstanding)


This weeks features centre on the full moon and Friday the 13th showcasing a range of creatures associated with superstition and fear.


This weeks features have a watery theme, enjoying a touch of refreshment for the heat wave ahead, and in tribute to the Duck Race fun in Beccles this afternoon.


For no reason other than they are adorable, this weeks features celebrate the expressiveness of my Bunny Rabbits.


Apparently today is cow appreciation day, so this weeks features celebrate the cow, ungulates and agriculture.


After several weekends enjoying visiting artists studios with Suffolk Open Studios, this weeks features are hand created artwork of my own (not all available for sale).


This weeks features celebrate summer! Two days after the solstice, flowers and sunbathing butterflies celebrate the joy.


This weeks features are another mix of writing and photographs, celebrating National Bike Week, and include the adventure of my attempt at cycling the Transpenine trail.


This weeks features are a mix of stories and photographs with a fantasy theme for no other reason than I'm currently working on a fantasy novel.


This weeks features celebrate Look up at the Sky day with a collection of sky view images. 


This weeks features celebrates Spring with Bunnies in the spotlight or enjoying the sunshine.  


This weeks features, uploaded belatedly and for a short time only, celebrated the arrival Of British Summer Time with a spectacular display of sunsets. 


Nature has thrown all sorts of things at the UK this week: high winds, glorious sunshine, hail, heavy rain, and snow. This weeks features celebrate nature at its best, from large to small.


To celebrate #SmallPressMonth this weeks features are a mix of #shortstories and images of publications I have some form of contribution to.  


In the UK after two gloriously sunny and record breaking weeks, spring flowers are in glorious colour and this weeks features have been chosen to celebrate this.


With Valentines day looming, this weeks features are a sentimental collection to share the bunny love.


For National Story Telling Week (28/01/2019 - 02/02/2019), this weeks features are all short stories - check out the experts on the Fiction Page, or KMorral's Redbubble pages for the full piece. 


Winter is definitely settling into the UK and after a gloriously sunny - crisp and clear and too hard to resist - led to an impromptu walking, sketching and scribbling session at Dunwich, Suffolk, this weeks features celebrate cold winter sunsets


Apparently it is #StickerDay (who knew?), so this weeks featured images are all available and displayed as stickers - Bunnies with attitude.


The second of this years features celebrate world Cuddle Up Day #CuddleUpDay to bring a bit of warmth into the post festive season blues, with Smudge and Bart the two models for this collection of images.


The first features of the year celebrate the winter season, and taking inspiration from the walk that has thrown all writing plans into disarray, follow a path, trail or walk theme.


On the day that we remember the armistice for the First World War, this weeks features have a peaceful theme, a time to pause and reflect, to take in the beauty around us and to consider what we lost and what we gained and lost those 100 years ago, and in all conflicts since. 


Only one photograph included in this weeks spooky features for halloween this week, the remaining 5 are works of fantasy and supernatural fiction.


What better way to celebrate both World Architecture Day and World [human] Habitat Day which share the same date, than for this weeks features to have an architectural flavour.


To celebrate the passing of the equinox and the changing of the seasons, this weeks features have an autumnal theme.


How to follow a feature of a rabbit that thought he was a cat? With a feature on Cats of course, for Happy Cat Month.


Sadly, Teddy passed away on the 22nd August this year. It has taken some time to adjust, but this weeks features are in memory of this gentle, loving boy


For World Photograph Day, this weeks features sample the range of KMorral's portfolio: Architecture; Rabbits; Landscapes; Vibrant colours; Music. Two of the images have been edited: Yin and Yang is cropped, framed and toned to provide fair balance between Black and White Rabbit; and Apparition... see if you can figure that one out!


This weekend saw the Harvest Moon Festival, free open air community event in Suffolk, which was thoroughly enjoyed in the sunshine. Earlier in the summer Latitude festival signs dominated the Suffolk countryside, next weekend Beccles Quay will Rock and of course many other music (and other) festivals fill fields and parks with music and happy people. So this weeks features celebrate music and dance. 


Back from holiday, and I have the bunnies back, so this weeks features focus on the bunny trio


This weeks features - enough to last a fortnight - are not only chosen for national fishing month, but also for a refreshing break from the eternal heat in the UK at the moment.


This weeks features have a rabbit theme as progress resumes on the 'Smarte - tale of two rabbits, and friends' after an eventful couple of weekends.


the UK is in the midst of a heat wave, and this weeks features reflect that, with bright, sunny colours - and one reminder of what water is! 


Happy fathers day to all fathers. With no suitably images, this weeks features celebrate my return to editing 'The House' (working title), with a mix of house based images and writing themed or first person (there's a hint!) fiction. 


This weeks features celebrate Rabbit Awareness Week.


This weeks features have an architectural theme this week prompted by on-going editing and research for 'The House' (working title).


Winter is coming to the UK next week, so the features have a chilly theme.


After a weekend visit to an open garden with some glorious winter flowers, this weeks features have a floral theme.


Last weeks romantic features continue with a snuggly series this week for valentines day


This weeks features celebrate a snowy romance this month of St Valentines, following the snow that greeted me this morning.  


We've had a wet week here in the UK, so this weeks features have a water theme.


In an attempt to bring good luck to my re-harmony rabbit project, this weeks features have Smudge and Bart getting cozy - If showing them these would work, I'd do so in a flash. 


Ah well, so much for Christmas features. But there is still time to celebrate winter, and this weeks features do just that.


The last of these years features - prior to a month of Christmas selections - is in celebration of National Tree Week here in the UK.


This weeks features are the rabbits again, Smudge and Bart, in some of KMorral's favourites. 


After yet more house moving delays, this weeks features celebrate autumn and the closing in of evening's with the end of British and European Summer time and the change of the clocks.


This weeks features celebrate farming after a lovely day at Gressenhall Farm and workhouse Apple day


This weeks features celebrate architecture in recognition of the Festival of Architecture in Norwich and Norfolk: FANN2017


This weeks, delayed due to a recent house move, features celebrate World Animal Day on the 4th of October


This weeks features celebrate the bunnies after they made a sticker sale :-)


This weeks features celebrate the sky after a weird, inspirational and mildly scary drive home last week (with thunder storm, rainbow and golden sunset all happening at the same time. 


In celebration of a big week and a vanished month, this weeks features are a combination of house move and celebration images and writing. 


This weeks photography page features focus on the layers in nature.


Somewhat astonished at the extent of the delay, this weeks features are a celebration of summer fun. 


This weeks features are a mix of pictures and words, celebrating a fantasy theme. Check them out in full here.


Although delayed, this weeks features are in honour of Rabbit Awareness Week which took place this last week.


This weeks features have been selected to acknowledge Open Farm Sunday here in the UK. 


This weeks features are a tribute to Manchester (charity concert on tonight) and the solidarity of music with urban centres and musical instruments forming a mix of images.


This weeks features celebrate nature in the diversity of creatures and views. 


This weeks features have a musical theme :-) 


This weeks features are a reminder of sunny holidays in Crete, last year.


Continuing with the spring theme, this week's features are a multitude of flowers. 


In honour of Easter, the theme for this weeks photography features are bunny themed, giving Smudge and Bart the forefront. Check them out on my Photography page, or in my Redbubbble Cover Collection.


This weeks features, having been delayed by holiday without internet and distraction in the form of reading material, are now in place: the theme? Holidays! :-) 


This weeks features are now in place, with a theme of fantastic beasts.


After an oversight last week, this weeks features are all short stories: available to read through Redbubble


In stark contrast to last week, this week's features are full of colour!


This weeks features are have a black and white theme, split between Smudge and Bart and architectural images.


This weeks weekly features have a rather obvious 'Valentine' theme - being either red, floral or heart shaped. A gift to all singles and couples alike.

07/02/2017 To hear KMorral live, listen to Salford City radio 94.4FM: listen again here


The first of the valentines collection is now available through KMorral's Redbubble shop.

The first monthly features now in place on KMorral's Photography Page.


My first official Author interview is now live!


Smart, professional marketing material arrived!


Goodreads account all set up, just waiting for some readers and ratings!

12/12/2015. Books delivered! New Christmas tree made! Ready to distribute to all who want it.


Delivery delayed :-( distribution as soon as possible.


750 copies ordered… bulk purchases enables a discount price to the online retail price available elsewhere. 10-15 days for delivery (for release date of 05/12/16!) and then all hands to the grindstone to distribute samples, leaflets and pre-ordered copies.


With Christmas just around the corner, KMorral's Christmas Collection has been re-introduced to her photography portfolio. Get a selection of Christmas cards, wintery images and festive curiosities to get yourself, or your friends, in the winter frame of mind. 


Final Proof approved! Worlds apart will available from the 14th of November. Now I just have to get the marketing sorted! It has suddenly become very real very fast!


First Proof copy seen, reviewed and returned with comments. Getting twitchy about seeing the real thing now!