12 March 2017

This week Worlds Apart will be attending the London Book Fair (14 - 16 March), sharing the AuthorHouse [printing company] table with other recent publications. This is the first chance for the wider professional literary world to see what it and KMorral has to offer. Wish us luck!

07 February 2017

KMorral gives her first live (telephone) interview tonight on Salford City Radios Kaleidoscope hour (5-6pm), with Jill Bowyer. Listen online here as KMorral discusses the stories behind the stories and the experience of writing.

29 January 2017

Had a busy day playing with photographs… the first of the valentines collection is now available through KMorral's Redbubble shop… lots of inspiration still simmering and more works in the system.

And … after a months delay, the first monthly features have found their way to the Photography Page. Check them  out here

20 January 2017

So… KMorral's first ever full interview is now live, thanks to blogger and author Jesse Teller! You can find it online as part of his Friday Interviews series visit  jesseteller.com

The questions were distributed and answered in November and KMorral is looking forward to the next step - a live telephone interview for Salford City radio on the 7th of February 2016 (between 5 and 5.30pm).


KMorral is delighted to confirm that Worlds Apart is now online through the reading and reviewing website GoodReads. An author account has been set up , where you will be able to communicate directly with KMorral, you will find some of her many interests in reading and will be able to share your review of Worlds Apart with the world. Visit KMorral's profile.



WORLDS APART Out Now... Visit my Fiction page for full details.

Worlds Apart cover low res draft 

This collection of 6 short stories offer the readers a tantalising glimpse into the lives of the very different characters. An insight into their daily existence, or an exploration of a thrilling episode which has the potential to prove deadly. 



Continuing with the spring theme, this week's features are a multitude of flowers. 


In honour of Easter, the theme for this weeks photography features are bunny themed, giving Smudge and Bart the forefront. Check them out on my Photography page, or in my Redbubbble Cover Collection.


This weeks features, having been delayed by holiday without internet and distraction in the form of reading material, are now in place: the theme? Holidays! :-) 


This weeks features are now in place, with a theme of fantastic beasts.


After an oversight last week, this weeks features are all short stories: available to read through Redbubble


In stark contrast to last week, this week's features are full of colour!


This weeks features are have a black and white theme, split between Smudge and Bart and architectural images.


This weeks weekly features have a rather obvious 'Valentine' theme - being either red, floral or heart shaped. A gift to all singles and couples alike.

07/02/2017 To hear KMorral live, listen to Salford City radio 94.4FM: listen again here


The first of the valentines collection is now available through KMorral's Redbubble shop.

The first monthly features now in place on KMorral's Photography Page.


My first official Author interview is now live!


Smart, professional marketing material arrived!


Goodreads account all set up, just waiting for some readers and ratings!

12/12/2015. Books delivered! New Christmas tree made! Ready to distribute to all who want it.


Delivery delayed :-( distribution as soon as possible.


750 copies ordered… bulk purchases enables a discount price to the online retail price available elsewhere. 10-15 days for delivery (for release date of 05/12/16!) and then all hands to the grindstone to distribute samples, leaflets and pre-ordered copies.


With Christmas just around the corner, KMorral's Christmas Collection has been re-introduced to her photography portfolio. Get a selection of Christmas cards, wintery images and festive curiosities to get yourself, or your friends, in the winter frame of mind. 


Final Proof approved! Worlds apart will available from the 14th of November. Now I just have to get the marketing sorted! It has suddenly become very real very fast!


First Proof copy seen, reviewed and returned with comments. Getting twitchy about seeing the real thing now!