Writing is probably KMorral's 'first love'. It  covers many genres, but is primarily fantastical, as she gets to let her crazy imagination loose. KMorral writes context and character driven thrillers of varying lengths, predominantly prose, although a few poems have been known to emerge from the end of the pen. 

Flash Fiction.

Inspired by the Noirwich Crime Literary Festival competition, KMorral is exploring different writing techniques and narrative styles in the challenging framework of 500 word stories - 'A Flash of fur' is the target publication, a collection of tales inspired by the muses: house rabbits Smudge Bart and Teddy. 

'Followed', the competition entry that revised this interest in flash fiction is available for a short period of time through KMorral's Redbubble writing portfolio, here.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

KMorral participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time in November 2017. This offers the opportunity to rise to the challenge of writing a 50,000 novel in one month. 

Writing a fantasy, KMorral explored the creation of new dragon series on a Place centred thriller. 

World Record Attempt Anthology - Out Now!

KMorral has submitted an (approximately) 4,500  word short story 'The Jaguar' in the World Record Attempt anthology 'Greatest Anthology Written'

With the demolition of a local pub, cornerstone in the local community, a Jaguar haunts the dreams of Nottinghamshire residents.

After twenty years absence, I return to my home town to find nothing has changed, and yet everything is different. Despite all my best efforts to forget the past, too much is entwined in the destruction of the pub for me to ignore.   

Greatest Anthology Written

KMorral is thrilled to be participating in this global publication (with authors from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, USA, UK, Belgium and more).  Approximate cost £14.87, which for a collection of stories by 107 authors could be considered a bargain.

This anthology, the brain child of Celenic Earth Publications, aims to beat the current record for the most number of authors in one anthology (currently 50) by a mile - there have been over 100 stories submitted!

To achieve the record, two independent judges - at least one with an English Literature qualification - will adjudicate the finished book, and 1,000 copies need to be sold, with 1,000 copies printed. For a more funky summary, check out this Youtube video, and check out the Celenic Earth Publications website for full details and the chance to order your copy, or your e-copy.

World's Apart.

This collection of 6 short fantasy stories offer the readers a tantalising glimpse into the imagination and sensory delight KMorral enjoys in creating.

Worlds Apart cover low res draft4


Halloween Horror. 'Chilling Stuff…'. Paul and Lynette are Ghost Tour actors making a routine return home when the mists swirl through Liverpool's streets and things take a sinister turn. 

Justice. 'A consuming story well told.' Rosara occupies a dark backstreets of a city, watching the inhabitants and punishing those deserving of her justice. 

Into the DeepParadita lives in Paradise, but is haunted by an irrepressible urge to follow her father to the water that led to his destruction.

Anniversary on the canal. Josie lives on a canal boat, moored to the site by her memories. 

Resolution. 'Brilliant ending. Had me gripped throughout'. Zoe is determined to help her mother move on. Finding an old family friend she learns much more than she bargained for.

Revelation. 'There was a great sense of excitement and tension in the rescue part and I just loved the surprise ending.' Roxie has taken her staff for a bonding day at the Snowdonian slate quarry zip wire, where excitement and danger force her to reveal far more of herself than ever before. A secret that could lead to her death will be exposed. 

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KMorral has been writing since the age of thirteen, in recent years under the supervision of her two house rabbits - sometimes more of a distraction than a prompt. 

Writing supervisor3



Festive Poem:

T’was the week before Christmas and everyone was stressed

Running all through the house after the unexpected guest.

The cat was still hiding in the Christmas tree

Whilst mother was craving a long island iced tea

The dog was regretting the bauble it ate

And no cards were ready for the last posting date.

The presents un-bought were making father weep

with the scissors and celotape stuck together in a heap.

Brother and Sister still pretending to be good

And the puppy is eyeing up chocolate for pud

Grandma was thinking about Christmases past

While Grandpa was hoping the whiskey would last.

Shop keepers are trying to stock all the orders

And kids torment their parents repeating carols on recorders.

Schools are performing this years festive plays

With teachers all rushing around in a daze.

The Christmas tree lights start to flicker and flash

While people have a little drink at the works Christmas bash.

Advent calendar doors hang open and empty

While farmers try hiring out that stubborn donkey.

Everyone tries to parade Christmas knitwear

Including the vicar leading service and prayer.

Hundreds of Santas have headaches from ringing

Lots of small bells, and from loud children singing.

The mince pies are steaming all covered in cream

And as parents sink into bed they all dream

Of the month after Christmas all quiet and peaceful

Before Easter approaches with pancakes and treacle.


'Hunching deeper into his thick fur lined overcoat, Jonah trudged through the snow grumbling to himself. One of these days he would ignore his boss’s not so subtle requests and retire to warmer climes. He didn’t know where, just as long as there was no snow, no cold and no biting wind. He shivered as it sliced him straight through, lingering on aching joints just to prove he was getting old. Of course he was by no means the oldest in the team. Mack outlived him by a few hundred years, but as the only mortal, he felt every one of his fifty-two years.' As yet Untitled Novella. 

'I sit, I watch, I wait. Staring through the gate. People appear, some startled, some assessing. Few pass the gate. They loiter, glancing at me, then the garden. Wondering at the extent, at the hidden secrets. They glance at me, then turn to the gate. The metal still gleaming black as new, the fancy work all very pretty. They turn away and retreat along the path murmuring.' The House (working title), Novel.

'The heat was intolerable. Glaring through the window, bright sunlight spilled yellow illumination across the office. My other work colleagues were chatting happily, unfazed by the golden warmth. In fact, they seemed to delight in it. My skin itched all over, and it was all I could do from stripping of and pouring my cool bottled water over my head.'

The bell tolls (working title).

For more stories by KMorral, visit her written works collection on Redbubble


Worlds Apart now available as an e-book.


750 copies ordered… bulk purchases enables a discount price to the online retail price available elsewhere. 10-15 days for delivery (for release date of 05/12/16!) and then all hands to the grindstone to distribute samples, leaflets and pre-ordered copies.


Final Proof approved! Worlds Apart will soon be available . Now I just have to get the marketing sorted! It has suddenly become very real very fast!


Worlds Apart: Cover image received - a beautiful creation by the AuthorHouse creative team. Proof received - so exciting to see my words in book format! It's all feeling very real now. Corrections noted and sent off - launch details imminent I hope!


Worlds Apart: Final draft submitted, cover design discussed and off to the designers at AuthorHouse with a target return date of the 7th of November… It's all starting to roll forward and gather momentum! Excitement and tension building in equal measure.