The Writing:

KMorral has been writing since the age of thirteen, in recent years under the supervision of her two house rabbits - sometimes more of a distraction than a prompt. 

Writing is probably KMorral's 'first love'. It  covers many genres, but is primarily fantastical, as she gets to let her crazy imagination loose. KMorral writes context and character driven thrillers of varying lengths, predominantly prose, although a few poems have been known to emerge from the end of the pen. 

KMorral is the pseudonym for Karen Morral's short story writing, increased to cover her photography work as well in 2016 when KMorral Fiction Photography was formed. 

The Photography:

KMorral's photography focuses primarily (but not exclusively) on the world around her - both the natural and built environment - and capturing portraits of her muses - house rabbits Smudge, Bart and until his sad passing, Teddy. The images are mainly taken with a Canon Powershot 650 - although in the near future this much loved but ageing piece of equipment shall be retired and a new replacement found.

Minimal post-production work is applied to the photographs unless stated.

The Muses:

Since November 2015, house rabbits have become an increasingly important part of KMorral's life and inspiration. 

Smudge, a dominant female black house bunny with a quick curiosity, strong confidence and love of food. Bart a  shy male white rabbit who is growing to share Smudge's confidence, although easy to startle and cautious in new environments. Teddy, sadly only with KMorral for 11 months from 2017-18, a gentle male semi-lop eared rabbit shared Smudge's curiosity and love of attention.

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Karen on builing site


KMorral in brief:

 Born in Nottinghamshire UK, KMorral has been creative all her life: from letter writing and drawing, through to painting and photographing anything that captured her imagination. Her creative streak has lead her towards a career in architecture, and training in Plymouth and Liverpool, and work in Cambridge. 

The variety of projects and tasks within architecture provides much stimulation and inspiration for KMorral's on-going writing and photography. Juggling a full-time job, a keen interest in many hobbies, two house rabbits as well as the writing and photography is not easy, but is what makes life for KMorral so interesting and enjoyable.