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Hello and welcome to the KMorral Fiction and Photography website.


Here you will find information on KMorral's latest projects; quick links to where you can buy KMorral products; samples of images and writing to wet your taste buds; and keep up to date with the latest gossip. 

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KMorral has been creative for much of her life: writing, drawing, painting, taking photographs and developing a professional career in Architecture. She revels in exploring place, and multi-sensory experiences, particularly using smell in her writing, and tactile subjects in her photography.

KMorral's writing is varied, predominantly fantasy with characters thrust into high drama scenarios. Many use a plot twist to throw readers off the scent to provide a surprise ending. Stories range in length from a few thousand words, to many more than that. 

There is even more  variety in KMorral's photography - from landscapes to still life. The introduction of two house rabbits has provided KMorral with two muses who are never ending in their entertainment and cuteness value, as well as providing the inspiration for the KMorral logo.

whynotywritingBart  whomeSmudge

Smudge and Bart will feature heavily in the development of her photographic portfolio.

 Love smudge and Bart

Bunny Love. 

 You can also follow KMorral's experiences and reactions in her 'blog': through her Redbubble Journal which she updates throughout the year.